Wedding in Costa Rica FAQ

What Month is best to get married in Costa Rica?

Mid-November through May is the best time of year  to host an event for the best weather and overall experience. In Guanacaste, it typically stays dry from November through May. The mid-pacific can get sporadic rainfall November through January and sometimes as early as April, but it is much less than during other times of the year.  The months of June, July and August tend to be like an Indian summer with sporadic rains, just a lot less than rainy season. Chances of rain should not deter you, as we will make sure you are prepared with a tent for your ceremony and a roof over your reception site.


There are some parts of the year that we suggest taking care when choosing your venue to  host a wedding or any special event. These times are during Christmas/New Year’s week and Holy Week - the week leading up to Easter Sunday.   During these times of year, year lodging, airfares and some wedding services have higher rates.


September 15th - Nov 1st 

This is “the super green season” as we so fondly refer to it down here, due to the emerald green glow the jungle has that time of year..  We suggest a possible morning ceremony or at least on a roofed terrace as it tends to rain in the afternoons. We always plan to have ceremony and reception with  tenting or roofs as during these months rains can be intense and show up within minutes - true tropical rain storms. There are also some of the most insane sunsets, so if rain does not scare you, consider these months.  We do weddings all year long and many couples prefer this time as hotel rates are at their lowest.

What are the legal requirements to get married in Costa Rica?

Getting legally married in Costa Rica is easy but can take some time to get the license in hand. The paperwork needed is a simple list of data including date of birth, occupation, parents’ names etc. You will need to supply 2 witnesses who will also need to send the same type of information. The only identification you need is a photocopy of a current passport and if previously married, a copy of the divorce decree. If the groom/bride was previously married, his/her divorce papers will need to scanned down as well.

On wedding day, you will sign a sworn statement that all information given to the lawyer is correct and that they witnessed or performed a ceremony for you that bind you as husband and wife. That statement is then filed with the national Registry.  By the time it is submitted to the registry, approved by all necessary parties, filed in the national registry, and sent back to the lawyer with the legal marriage certificate and apostille finished, it is 6 weeks.

If you are in a rush and want to be legally married in your home country quickly, we suggest you take care of the legalities back home before you come or as soon as you get back home.  Then you have a spiritual ceremony (meaning non legal) here in Costa Rica This option will also save you money, as a lawyer is the most expensive option for a ceremony celebrant.

Where do I start?

The first step is to contact us. We will begin by discussing the vision for your dream wedding, so that we can work to make it happen!

Where should I get married?

Please see our dedicated destinations with information about the different regions of our country and amazing hotels to choose from.

How soon do I need to begin planning?

We suggest beginning one year ahead of time in order to ensure the booking of your perfect venue and vendors and to give your guets ample time to plan ahead as well.

What is the typical budget for a wedding in Costa Rica?

We work with all budgets and do not have any hidden fees or costs.  We will provide you with options depending on your wants, needs and projected budget.   

 It is so hard to say what an entire budget will be, as you can see from above there are so many variables that go into creating a final budget. One thing we can share  is that on the average when looking at many of our past events, they tend to average (on a per guest cost) of anywhere from $350 per person, up to as much as up to $1,000 (for more lavish or smaller events with all the bells and whistles that a bigger wedding would have).  We have planned weddings as low as $2,000 (elopements to one that exceeded $600,000.00. Where you end up in that large scale is up to you, the services and level of services chosen, guest count, side events thrown beyond wedding and how much you choose to add to all the basic plans.  


Here are some different sized events and minimal budgets we have worked with, so if you are above these amounts you have a good grasp on what the wedding will run for the style of events you see on our site.

30 Guests: $13-$15K+

50 Guests: $18-$20K+

100 Guests: $35K -$50K+

Will our guests have options for lodging and excursions?

Absolutely! We have partnered with an award winning travel agency, Namu Travel Group, who can arrange all transportation, accommodations and activities to ensure your guests also have the time of their lives!